JB Star

JB Star is about passion, dedication, and striving for excellence. The history of JB Star began in 1946 and soon became one of the largest manufactures of loose diamonds. Each hand-crafted piece is inspected and analyzed to create the highest quality in jewelry manufacturing.

Every JB Star piece is hand made using only platinum, 18kt gold, and rose gold. The quality of the stones is another area where JB Star will not compromise.

"Beautifully crafted jewelry is forever. It is a gift that will be handed down from one generation to another."

Experience the pleasure of wearing one of the most uniquely designed pieces ever made. JB Star...cherished for life!



Covid-19 Update

Due to the corona virus, Hearne's Fine Jewelry will be closing our showroom until further notice. We will be available by appointment to help with your jewelry needs any way we can.

You may call Mike (252-249-4615)
or Rod (704-860-9967) to schedule
an appointment.